Omniversal Descent Upon Lower Planes of Conventional Logic [Law of the BIOLiCH Vol.1]

1. Infection Cause by Aquatic Involvement with Legions of Reptilian Beings [Based upon a proverb credited to a philosopher of the Rahanian Order ofthe BIOLiCH during the 22nd heliocentric existence of the earth]

2. Stipulation to the Vices of Obscurantism [Section II, Chapter 17 of the 3rd book of the Law of the BIOLiCH] [OMITTED Due to request]

3. Cyber-Bionic Plasma Flowing Under the Dark Channels of Subconcious Thoughts [Taken from a prayer Written by Nebelun, Royal Archbishop of the Garlish Order of the BIOLiCH]

4. Asexuality of Higher Conciousnss And Raised Level of Sensory Perception [Section IV of the Holy Vow taken by the prospective Minsters of the Dalgonic Order of the BIOLiCH]

5. Condescending To Lower Plains Of Thought Through Spiritual Declanation [Law of the BIOLiCH, Book 5, Verse 17]


Tom Carey Jr.: Drums, Guitars, Bass
Will Wizbicky: Vocals