Missing Artifacts

-1998 Promo [tracks appear in Urinal Mints]
-1999 Promo
-split with Drain of Impurity [tracks appear in Urinal Mints]
Cryptopsy's "Crown of Horns" cover [199?]
if you have any of these artifacts or any other recordings that are unlisted, please kindly rip them in high 320 kbps (or higher format, preferably FLAC or AAC), scan the booklets and send to this address: Vomivore83@gmail.com

2006 Rehearsal


1. biointro [Untitled Intro]

2. biofish [Catheter Aquarium]

3. biomurder [Dead Man Telegram]

4. bioacid [Acid Oak Tree]

5. bio3click [Puppeteered Corpse Trap]


Tom Carey Jr.: Drums
Dan Olivencia: Bass
Andrew Hock: Guitar